Jae-Chul Bae (Tenor/Korea)
Jae-Chul Bae (Tenor/Korea)2月25日

Jae-Chul Bae is the only tenor in the world who sings with his right half of vocal cords totally paralyzed. After graduated from the Hanyang University in Seoul, he finished his study at the Milan Conservatory in Italy. Later he won many competitions in Europe and soon begun to be highly acclaimed as “The greatest tenor from Asia”. In fall 2005, however, he found out that he was affected by thyroid cancer. He had to cut off the nerves of the diaphragm, and as a result lost his voice together with the function of his right lungs. He then received a thyroplasty operation in Kyoto, Japan, to restore his vocal cords. After overcoming all the tough rehabilitation, he returned to stage again in 08. Now, he has recovered in an incredible speed, and performs in both Japan and Korea. His amazing “Miracle Voice” continues to leach and deeply touch the souls of audience.