WeiWei Wuu (Erhu/China)
WeiWei Wuu (Erhu/China)2月25日

WeiWei was born in Shanghai, China. She does not limit herself in traditional methods. In order to discover new potentiality for erhu, she has performed with many different kinds of artist in and outside of the country. She has collaborated with artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taro Hakase as well as orchestras like NHK Symphony Orchestra. She has also established the standing performing style instead of sitting while performing which is the traditional way of playing the erhu. She is now the modern erhu pioneer who enabled the instrument to collaborate with classics, rock, jazz and fusion music. Recently, she was responsible for making a title song for a NHK TV program together with Kenny G, and also she offered her music for a TBS TV drama. She definitely is one of the most stylish erhu players of today.