Culture City of East Asia 2014,YOKOHAMA Opening music event


3.21“Spring Festival at NIPPON MARU~Blooming East Asia”

21.Mar(Fri) 11:00~16:30
Nippon Maru Memorial Park Arena
Nearest rail station:
Sakuragi-cho Station of JR Negishi Line or Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line (5 min. by walk)
Bashamichi Station or Minatomirai Station of Minatomirai Line (5 min. by walk)

Free Entrance

[Outline of the performance]
  • A wide range of cultural projects will be rolled out at the Culture City of East Asia 2014, Yokohama throughout the year.
  • On March 21, “Spring Festival at NIPPON MARU~Blooming East Asia” will take place using the Nippon Maru Memorial Park’s arena as a stage specially set for the day.
  • This event is designed to encourage people to participate and interact with one another through it. Groups of performers from various genres (such as music, dance, and street performances) will be extensively invited from the general public to perform on stage for 30 minutes (per group).
  • Whether professional or amateur, people of all ages can apply to perform at the festival. About five groups of performers chosen by the screening committee can perform on the stage, together with three groups of specially invited guest artists at the forefront of performing arts.
  • The one-day festival will feature a succession of performers playing music, dancing, or performing tricks. Anyone can attend the event and enjoy the performances.
  • All you need is love and Passion, Join us;
  • The event will be cancelled if it rains or if there are strong winds.
[Special Guest Artists]
  • 11:00~11:30 “Wadaiko”
  • Ha-Ya-To (Wadaiko unit by Keita, Ryota and Yuta Kanesashi)
  • 13:30~14:15 “Zither of Japan, China and Korea”
  • Nobuko Baba (Koto), Xiao-Qing Jiang (Guzheng/China), Soon-A Park (Gayaguem/Korea)
  • 16:00~16:30 “Jazz”
  • Eijiro Nakagawa (Trombone), Yoshihisa Suzuki (Guitar), Yuji Yajima (Bass)
  • The above schedule is subject to change.
Ha-Ya-To (Wadaiko) 
Ha-Ya-To (Wadaiko) 
Nobuko Baba (Koto)
Nobuko Baba (Koto)
Xiao-Qing Jiang (Guzheng/China)
Xiao-Qing Jiang (Guzheng/China)
Soon-A Park (Gayaguem/Korea)
Soon-A Park (Gayaguem/Korea)
Eijiro Nakagawa (Trombone) 
Eijiro Nakagawa (Trombone)
Yoshihiro Suzuki (Guitar)
Yoshihiro Suzuki (Guitar)
Yuji Yajima (Bass)
Yuji Yajima (Bass)

【How to apply for the performance】The Application is closed.

[Qualifications for applying as a performer]
  • Groups of people or individuals engaged in cultural or artistic activities can apply irrespective of the sphere of such activities, the place of the applicant’s residence and age, and the size of the group. Groups of elementary school, middle school, and senior high school students must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • The qualification for performing is that the applicants can perform using temporarily installed audio equipment on a stage 15 meters (width) x 3.2 meters (length) x 0.6 meters (height) with five meters of additional space at the front of the stage. The performer(s) must ensure the public nature and safety of their performance.
  • The time allotted for each performance is 30 minutes.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • The organizers look forward to receiving your performance plans that meet the purpose of the Culture City of East Asia.
  • The event will be cancelled if it rains or if there are strong winds. The organizers will not compensate for any losses incurred by the performers due to cancellation.
  • Performers are responsible for covering all expenses related to their performances, such as travel expenses.
  • Photographs and videos taken during the performances may be used for future public relations activities.
  • With respect to other matters which do not mentioned here, performers are to follow the instructions of the organizers.
[Application period and announcement of the results]
  • Applications must be received by the organizers between 25.Dec, 2013 and 31.Jan, 2014.
  • The office will screen the documents submitted by the applicants and inform them of the results of screening by mid-February.
  • The order of performances will be determined, and the performance time adjusted, by the office.
[How to apply]
  • Please send your application that includes the following information to the office by post.
    Click here to download the application form.
  • The application must include information about the profile of the performers and a record of their past performances and activities (such as brochures, photographs, and DVDs).
  • The documents submitted for application will not be used for purposes other than communication with the applicants and carrying out the event, They will not be returned.
[Address / Information]
  • 3F 1-3-7 Kojimachi Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-0083
  • Culture City of East Asia Opening Music Event Office “Performer Application” (In 1002 Co., Ltd.)
  • TEL:03-3264-0244 (Weekday 10:00~17:00) FAX:03-3264-1788